Your Foundational Course in Brewing Makgeolli!

After months of preparation and development, we are finally ready to launch our first online makgeolli brewing course! This course will take you through the makgeolli brewing process step-by-step, being sure to explain the science behind the fermentation process at every turn. After taking this course, you will feel confident to brew your own makgeolli!

Course curriculum

Learn the fundamentals of rice fermentation

  • 1

    What to Expect From This Course

  • 2

    Meet your Brewing Instructor

  • 3


    • Choosing a Vessel

    • Where to Find Nuruk

    • Nuruk Sourcing Resources

    • Sterilization Methods

    • Equipment List

  • 4

    What is Sool - The Categories of Korean Alcohol

    • Wonju, Cheongju, Yakju & Takju

    • Korean Brewing Terminology Guide

    • Korean Sool Infographic

  • 5

    Knowing Your Ingredients

    • Rice

    • Water

    • Nuruk

    • Rice Water & Nuruk Summary

  • 6

    Danyangju & Godubap

    • What is Danyangju

    • The Brewing Process

    • Rice Prep: Washing, Soaking & Draining

    • Rice Prep: How to Make Godubap

    • Mixing: How to Incorporate Your Ingredients

    • Danyangju Recipe

  • 7

    Taking Care of Your Brew

    • Taking Care of Your Brew

    • Troubleshooting

  • 8

    Filtering & Aging

    • When to Filter

    • Adjusting, Sweetening & Diluting

    • Congratulations!

    • We Want Your Feedback!

Your Instructor

Korean traditional alcohol specialist, Julia Mellor

Sool Specialist

Julia Mellor

Julia Mellor is the world's leading English-speaking expert in Korean traditional alcohol. Originally from Australia, Julia moved to Korea in 2007 and has dedicated the last 11 years of her life to educating and promoting 'Sool' around the world. As the founder of The Sool Company Korea, and now The Sool Company Netherlands, Julia has helped countless students to brew amazing makgeolli both for a hobby and commercial success. She has combined her two loves in life, sool and teaching, and is always striving to promote Korean alcohol internationally.


  • Do I need any brewing background to take this course?

    Not at all! This course is designed to take you through the fundamentals of brewing in a straightforward manner, setting you up with the tools you need for a successful brew.

  • For how long will I have access to the course after payment?

    Forever! Signing up for this course guarantees unlimited access for as long as the course is online.

  • I already have some experience brewing, is this course right for me?

    If you already have some experience brewing there will be some familiar content, however this course covers the fundamentals in great detail and will be a pre-curser to all future courses.

Hear what some of our in-person students have said!

Great course for understanding Sool and for fermentation generally

by Angela from The UK

Such a pleasure to be taught by a very knowledgeable enthusiast, as Julia clearly is. We came with some knowledge of fermentation and of brewing and Julia worked deftly with that to build our knowledge and experience. Very much enjoyed and appreciated..

A great fun experience

Zachary from Australia

The class was a huge amount of fun, and Julia was an outstanding teacher and obviously loves what she does. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and we can't wait to try our first batch! Would definitely recommend the class to anyone who not only likes makgeolli, but wants a great experience!

Fun and informative

by Melissa from The USA

Julia knows so much about Korean alcohol, it was really interesting to hear the history behind it. We had a fun time making makgeolli and learned a lot!

Got Questions?

Still not sure if the course is right for you?  Get in touch!  We are always happy to connect so that we can recommend the best path for your makgeolli brewing adventures.  If you are looking for something more complex or simply want clarification on course details, we are here to answer all your questions!